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  2. Native Blossoms Day 6: home is whenever I’m with you

  3. Some Progressive Minds at Kresge

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  8. Native Blossoms Day 1: “A Little Street, A Little Rock n Roll”

  9. “I’m a little bit country, and I’m a little bit rock n roll.” The immortal words of Donny & Marie Osmond inspire Tomboy, a boutique located at 1207 Soquel Avenue in Santa Cruz. The shop, owned by Debbie Graves and Summer Duppen, carries vintage and vintage-inspired clothing and accessories. The vibe is immediately warm and welcoming - shoppers can relax in antique wooden furniture or peruse vintage records for sale. One of Tomboy’s best assets is its well-curated selection of merchandise, in particular a huge selection of vintage cowboy boots, as well as leather and denim jackets.

    Tomboy has stood out from other local vintage and used clothing stores by having a unique and well-crafted vision. Each piece inexplicably says, “Tomboy.” Some of my favorites were a vintage denim jumpsuit from the 1970s and two leather and suede capes from the 1960s. Tomboy is simultaneously nostalgic and fresh - each vintage piece can be transformed into an entirely modern look. This was the goal of SlugStyle’s collaboration with Tomboy: to pay homage to the past while incorporating newer styles.

    -Aurora Kasten

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  10. Picasso Jacket Knows Best at Science Hill

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  12. A little behind the scenes action from our short film for Old School Shoes!

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  13. detail shot from the previous outfit

    pick your poison with some DIY touches

  14. Sunnies & Altered Skirt Set